A personal note from Comptroller Martin Matson

The comptroller serves a special purpose within the structure of the City. The position must provide sound objective financial information to the policy makers. 

Under my leadership the Office of Comptroller has put the Citizens of Milwaukee and their hard-earned tax dollar first.
The truth is, there is not and should not be, a political agenda or policy philosophy in the Comptroller’s office.

As an example, and because many will ask, let me address 'The Streetcar.'  In addition to the comprehensive financial analysis my office provided consistently over several months, I hired a respected outside source, the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission,to do a study of the streetcar.  Their conservative report verified the city’s findings on building, maintaining and operating the downtown streetcar route.

Being the Comptroller means being the objective third party.  I have been, and continue to be open and honest with all things that are within my purview as the city comptroller.

I have worked respectfully and responsibly hard for the citizens of Milwaukee. I ask for your VOTE, April 5th so that I might continue my service.

Thank you!

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