Under Martin Matson's direction, his Office exercises fiscal control over the activities of approximately 40 City departments and agencies. Matson serves on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Center District, and the Milwaukee World Festivals, Inc. (Summerfest). Martin is the Secretary to the Public Debt Commission, and a member of the Annuity and Pension Board and serves on the Finance & Personnel Committee of the Common Council.



From 1980 until 1993 Martin Matson worked in banking, both on the retail side, business side and ultimately ended up in the First Bank Trust Department, financial services section. 

He has worked at the City of Milwaukee since 1993, first in the Department of Public Works, as an accounting specialist, then as a business manager. 

 He accepted a promotional opportunity in 1999, where he served as the City’s Retirement System Deputy Director for over 13 years. 

  • City bond rating remains a high City investment grade:
    Aa2 by Moody's Investors Service; AA by Standard & Poors and Fitch.
  • Management of the $900+ million City general obligation debt program. This includes periodic refinancing of city debt to take advantage of any available lower interest rates and save taxpayers interest costs.
    In 2015, refinancing generated (on a present value basis) approximately $2.3 million through 2020. 
  • Operational, financial and legal compliance audits of City department operationsincluding Dept. of Public Works inventory, Fire Dept. service billings, and computer network security Audits. The Comptroller also provides an independent financial assessment of all proposed Tax Incremental (economic development) Districts.
  • Fiscal administration of over 300 grant and aid programs (including federal and state grants) for Milwaukee, in excess of $90 million in 2015.
  • Preparation of the City's Single Audit Report - consistently delivering clean audits which enhances the acceptance of future grant applications.
  • Administration of direct deposit pay for over 6,500 City employees.
  • Establishes accounting policies and procedures for all city departments.
  • Prepares the Milwaukee's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and the State of Wisconsin Financial Report (Form C) which helps determine the State shared revenues.
  • Issues an Annual City of Milwaukee Comparative Revenue & Expenditure Report. This report compares Milwaukee to nine other comparable city governments.
  • Production of approximately 180,000 payroll documents and 1,500 reports annually for City departments, and maintenance of the City's integrated payroll system.
  • Independent financial analysis of proposed development projects. The conservative approach used for such analyses assures returns on city economic development projects meet expectations, mitigating financial risks.
  • Independent, professional estimation of City revenues for the annual City budget, ensures the Administration and Council pass a balanced budget.