Re-election Campaign Kickoff and Fund Raiser

Friends & Supporters:  Please join me at the News Room Pub, 137 E Wells Street on Wednesday, October 22nd from 5 to 7 p.m.  There will be appetizers and a cash bar.  Come on down and say hello!

While this site was set-up as a blog, the spam was too time consuming.  If you wish to contact me, please e-mail me at:






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Fall 2013

This fall the Comptroller’s Office conducted a risk assessment of the City as well as an organizational review.  Many thanks to everyone who participated in interviews and surveys.  Literally, hundreds of people participated.  Your input helped in evaluating many aspects of city operations and processes.  Additionally, your participation in the organizational review will help improve how the Comptroller’s Office conducts the business needs of the city’s financial functions.

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One Year Later

This past week I completed my first year in office.  I want to thank everyone in the Comptroller’s office for making that first year successful.  We are developing good working relationships with the Council and Administration, while maintaining our independence.

We are again in the midst of producing the comprehensive annual financial report, and have begun to find ways to make that process more efficient.  I fully expect that the staff and auditors will knock one full week off the process this year.

I’m thinking of celebrating our aldermen with an “Alderman Appreciation Day”.  May 15th on non-election years.  Please join me in thanking our alderman by sending a card or e-mail to your alderman on May 15th.

Sorry to say the attacks on this website have caused me to turn off the blog features.  Please send me an e-mail at: if you have something you would like to share.


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Quarterly Update

I recently completed six full months in office.  It has been a whirlwind and a challenge, but I believe I am slowly succeeding in making a difference for the City of Milwaukee!

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report was done on time.  We are reviewing ways to have it done more efficiently—-many thanks to the Comptroller’s staff.

The Single Audit was completed on time as well.  Even more thanks to the Comptroller’s staff.

We are working through reviewing every aspect of what the office does, and how it is accomplished.  I hope to have many more reviews completed within the next six months.  I know it is not easy to do, but I must confess that the Comptroller’s staff has stepped up and is committed to the new administration’s efforts.  A wonderful group of people to work with—the citizens of Milwaukee should know there is a competent group of people watching the city’s finances.


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Comptroller’s First Annual Picnic

Today was the first annual picnic for the office.  It was a great success!  Current and former employees of the office got together to share stories, some food and a good time.  While this was not a political function, it was great to meet the family & friends of my staff.  Paid for out of my own pocket, and not campaign funds.  This was my thank-you to staff for getting my first year off to a great start.

Watch for an announcement later this year for a fund raising event…   And of course a quarterly update in September.

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Quarterly Updates

Going forward, I will post quarterly updates to this blog on how things are going as the newly elected Comptroller.  I want to thank Milwaukee citizens for giving me this opportunity, and I hope to serve all of you to the best of my ability.

John Egan has accepted the position of Deputy Comptroller.  He was formerly the Accounts Director in the Comptroller’s office, and has many years experience to assist in assuring things move forward smoothly.  Michael Daun, the former Deputy has officially stepped down, but did assist these last six weeks with the transition.

My vision for the next 18 months is to do an office-wide self assessment both internal and external to the department to bring a more customer-focused, and efficient effort in processing the city’s business, while ensuring the integrity of the city’s financials.  There is a great team working in the office, and we hope to bring the organization up to the next level of professionalism.

To kick this off, we have begun greater communication efforts within the divisions of the Comptroller’s office, so together we can work better as a team.  If you have suggestions, questions or comments for consideration, please e-mail me at the city at:

Please put “blog comments” in the subject line.


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On April 17th, I will be sworn in as the new Comptroller.  Again, thank you to everyone who has gotten me here.  My goal is to serve the citizens of Milwaukee with high ethical standards, and true fiscal responsibility.

I am looking forward to serving my community.

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Election Night Party

My sincere appreciation to all of you who helped to get me to election day.  I could not have done it without you!

Please join me at the Blue Ribbon Bar and Grill on 53rd & Blue Mound Rd on election night, Tuesday, April 3rd, from 8 to 10 p.m.  Cash bar & appetizers.

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This past week

Many thanks to those who attended my fund raiser.  We raised over $2,100!  Thank you so much to my supporters.

This past week I received an endorsement from Tom Barrett, the Mayor of Milwaukee.  Please pass that information on to all my friends at the Department of Public Works.

Also, I was live with Eric Von on AM1290, Friday morning.  Many thanks to Eric for allowing me the opportunity to speak to his listeners.


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Thursday March 8th Fund Raiser at Bar Louie

Please join me for a fund raising event at Bar Louie, 1114 N Water Street, Milwaukee from 5 to 7 p.m. hosted by some very good friends of mine.


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